Text Cloud Uses

  Update– February 2015

Nancy Wozniak Tag Cloud
Nancy Wozniak Tag Cloud

Stony Brook Students are using text clouds as graphics for their Welcome and About Me pages in their ePortfolios.  They also use tag clouds as graphics on their course assignment pages.

Nujbat Meraji – https://stonybrook.digication.com/nmeraji/EST_201
Leanne Beyel – https://stonybrook.digication.com/leanne_beyel
Allison Bassoff – Women’s Studies WS 291 – https://stonybrook.digication.com/allison_bassoff
GAnatheipan Raventhirarajah – https://stonybrook.digication.com/ganatheipan_raventhirarajah_its_102/Course_Description

Tag Cloud Generators

  • Tag Crowd is still operational – http://www.tagcrowd.com
  • Wordle is popular at http://www.wordle. net
  • Tuxedo gives word clouds design and is a favorite with the Stony Brook students –  http://www.tagxedo.com/
  • Edudemic (, August 2013) posted links to word clouds at  http://www.edudemic.com/9-word-cloud-generators-that-arent-wordle
    • Tagul with cool designs – https://tagul.com
    • Word it out – http://worditout.com
    • Image Chef Word Mosaics – http://www.imagechef.com/ic/word_mosaic

Tag Cloud Generators for your blog pages and writing

  • To Cloud – http://www.tocloud.com
  • VocabGrabber – https://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber
  • Wordsift – http://www.wordsift.com/

-July 2008-

Text Cloud Ice Breaker:

Recently, I received a message from our colleague, Htay Hla, Director of Information Technology at University of Arizona. He put one of my posted journal articles through a tag cloud generator, Tag Crowd, http://www.tagcrowd.com. He sent the generated tag cloud to me in a pdf format. I thought, “AMAZING! Could this be a tool for the classroom?” I tried it. I put my CV through the Tag Crowd. Click on the link below. Look! It’s me, professionally compressed!

Instead of your students posting an introduction on a dry, discussion board forum, have them take it one step further. Have them write a paragraph about themselves on the forum and put it through Tag Crowd. They can share their text cloud jpgs as an attachment to their forum post, or try a classroom group page on Flickr or Facebook. It doesn’t have to be an ice breaker. I see many uses for this free application in visual arts, economics, English composition, history, biology … you name it. There is no download. Try it. Let me know what you think. Thank you. Htay.

Please send me, or post a comment about, your own ice breakers to share.

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