Google Making Us Stupid Activities

Online Ice Breaker, Class Discussion, and Blog – Nicholas Carr’s, Is Google Making Us Stupid
I’ve used this article in my classes to ignite discussion in both face-to-face and online formats since 2008.  I now use it as an introductory exercise for blogging.  Everyone has an opinion about Google.

Perfect for introducing students to online discussions and blogging, February 2015 –  My students in our Media Literacy and Cyber Communications course read and discuss Nicholas Carr’s article and reflect on the mind of Carr in 2008 and how Carr might view Google in 2015.  Has he changed his opinion?  We now have a class blog and post our thoughts for others to read and reply.  You are invited to take part in our continued discussion at our Is Google Making Us Stupid Blog Discussion page.  See the outline of the classroom activity posted in my ePortfolio – Class Discussions and Blogging.  We want to invite Nicholas Carr to participate.

-September 2008-
Google Debate Rages On!

Ice Breaker Idea – Give us this day our daily Google
I recommend this discussion for an ice breaker topic with students in the classroom or faculty development round table sessions. Most everyone knows about Google and has opinions on Google. Start by having participants list the ways they use Google and the Google applications they have tried. Have the participants stand. Ask those to sit down if they use Google more than 10 times a day. Ask the remaining to sit down if they use Google daily. Next, continue with a ‘few times a week‘, ‘a couple times a month‘, ‘now and then‘.  See if any of the participants remain standing. Have them share why they don’t use Google. Keep it light and fun, so no one feels put on the spot. You can do that same by asking them about their use of Google applications. Open the floor for discussion on Google in education and in our daily lives. Provide resources on using Goggle applications in the classroom. Read the following articles for references and topic ideas:

Is Google Making Us Stupid?
A few months ago we featured the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is doing to our brains, by Nicholas Carr., The Atlantic.Com.
See “The Big Bad Google Monster” at
NOTE: Don’t get upset with my use of the term Luddite. I don’t like the label, but for my review of Carr’s article, I made an exception. Here is my opinion on the label Luddite –

Give Us This Day Our Daily Google: Can you go without googling something for a day?
NPR’s, Sarah Handel remarks about Google in her life, “– it’s just so darn useful, that I tend to think of it as more of a utility, like water and electricity, than a commercial product… “ – Here another take on how Google has become part of our daily sustenance by Rob Dubbin of the Colbert Report (warning: might not be an article for K-12).
Can You Go A Day Without Google?
Google marked its 10th birthday on Sunday. In honor of the day, writer Rob Dubbin decided to see if he could go 24 hours without using the search engine. His article
“Just Let Me Check One Last Thing”
appeared Sunday in the Washington Post.

Blog of the Nation – I Can’t Quit You, Google
All Things Considered, September 7, 2008
It’s not often that a product or service becomes so pervasive that people start using it as a verb. On the 10th anniversary of Google, take a look back on its influence through the lens of popular culture.
Listen to the NPR broadcast at
and join the read the blog entries at


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