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What is an ePortfolio? – Definitions and Uses

Assessment  (Course, Program, Professional Accreditation, Institutional)

ePortfolio Social Media, Blogs, ListServs, and Discussions

Eportfolio Journals and Peer Reviewed

ePortfolio Organizations

Learning and Showcase


Medical and Healthcare 

Career/Internships/Workforce Development

Professional Branding

Professional Development

  •  Thomas A. Angelo, “Doing faculty development as if we value learning most: Transformative guidelines from research and practice,” To Improve the Academy. Resources for faculty, instructional and organizational development . (2001).
  • Debra, Dawson, et. al., ,. (2010). “Moving from the Periphery to the Center of the Academy: Faculty developers as leaders of change,” In Pathways to the Profession of Educational Development. (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass: 2010). pp. 69-78.
  • Patricia Hutchings, Fostering Integrative Learning through Faculty Development. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2006.
  • Mary Deane Sorcinelli, et. al. The Evolution of Faculty Development. In Creating the Future of Faculty Development: Learning From the Past, Understanding the Present (pp. 1-28). (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005).

 Implementing ePortfolios into the 11-Month MBA Professional and Career  Development Program

 Professional Branding


  • Rodgers, Carol, Another Look at John Dewey and Reflective Thinking, Teachers  College
    Board Volume 104,
    Retrieved from   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
  • Pitts, W., & Ruggirello, R. (2012). Using the e-Portfolio to Document and Evaluate Growth in
    Reflective Practice: The Development and Application of a Conceptual Framework.
    International Journal of ePortfolio, 2(1), 49-74. Retrieved from
  • Wozniak, Nancy (2013), Enhancing Inquiry, Evidence-Based Reflection, and Integrative Learning with the Lifelong ePortfolio Process: The Implementation of Integrative ePortfolios at Stony Brook University, J. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, Vol. 41(3) 209-230, 2012-2013.


Personal Learning Portfolios – Folio Thinking (A Proposal)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Helen Chen


Tools – ePortfolio Systema

Campus (Self) Hosted


used by Empire State and Purchase
Murphy, Ellen Marie (2011), MAHARA 1.4 Cookbook,  Packt Publishing LTD, Birmingham, UK

Word Press and Buddy Press
used by Macauley Honors College





used by Stony Brook, Stanford, Boston University, Mercy College, LaGuardia, RISD, Brown,  Stanford, University of Michigan

used by Bronxville, Dowling College, Queenborough (CUNY), Spring 2013 at Rockland CC

Name changed to ConnectEDU this semester




Chalk and Wire



  • Help Resources


A quick start guide for creating an ePortfolio


A training tutorial of ePortfolio from Kingsborough Community College (CUNY). Created at the Kingsborough Center for Advanced Technologies Training by John Vivolo.


Digication Knowledge Base Forum


Digication Help Desk


Digication Help Request


Epsilen Resources


Post examples of eportfolio use



Aman Sharma – Biomedical Engineer


  • Undergraduate Experience ePortfolios at Stony BrookStudent-Owned Showcase (Learning) Students at Stony Brook start as freshmen with eportfolios in their courses.  Faculty encourage them to add their other courses and activities as part of integrative learning.  The students collect their academic, internship, campus and service involvement, job and personal interests and include reflection.  As they enter their capstone projects, internships and professional career (graduate school) searches, they will select from their showcases and develop targeted professional eportfolios.  The students can continue the eportfolio process as alumni.

Angela Hortsman – Engineering

Yi Wan Wu – Leadership

Todd Latchford – Writing

Eda Gimenez –Environmental & Engineering

Emily Madsen –  Academic and Career Planning – EXCELLENT!

Harshdeep Banwait – Career (Engineering)

Rachel Koeth – Professional Development and Performance
Dr. Jonathan Liu – Research and Teaching


  • ePortfolios shared by Ellen Murphy during October 19, 2012 SUNY ePortfolio Task Force meeting

This is an Art Students ePortfolio for a college application.

A professional portfolio:

A teacher certification portfolio:

Another teacher certification portfolio:



  • ePortfolios from Plymouth State:


  • Penn State University e-Portfolio Site


  • eFolio Minnesota – Minnesota State Colleges and Universities



A collection of suggested ePortfolio contents from the University of Iowa College of Education. Includes Teacher Education Program, Teacher Ed employment portfolio, Alternate employment portfolio, Early career teacher, Educational Leadership Program.


  • Helen Barret – K-12 eportfolio examples


  • ePortfolio at FIT

Information about how FIT uses ePortfolios: Click on the Folder FIT_ePortfolio_info_for_Tara



Badging and ePortfolios

Hastac Blog

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