Blogs and Sites to Follow

Teaching and Learning Blogs and Websites to Follow

  • What are your favorite faculty development blogs?  Chronicle of Higher Education – comprehensive list of faculty development blogs authored by higher education educators at colleges and universities throughout the nation.  Excellent resource.  I will list the peer nominated blogs individually.
  • e-Learning Acupuncture – Creative, insightful blog by Eric Tremblay, Educational Developer, Queen’s University.  The place to stop for technology tips and online course design.
  • Online Learning Insights, Debbie Morrison, informative blog for online course design and professional development.
  • Discovery Education – 9-12 Science Education.  Easily modified to undergraduate levels.  Interesting to browse and discover science facts and applications you might not know.
  • The Scholarly Teacher – Contributions open to educators on “Applying Evidenced-Based Strategies to Enrich Student Learning”.  Peer reviewed content.  Interesting to browse.  Associated with Lilly Conferences.
  • Science Geek.Net – Educational Jargon.  Perfect resource when writing grants.
  • SALT – Society of Applied Learning Technology

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