Week of June 22 – Web 2.0 Update

This is an update on this week’s wiki and forum posts in the Web 2.0-Putting Education through the Changes group on Epsilen at http://Web20Group.epsilen.com.

Please send me the URLs to your own academic blogs and I’ll post them in Quick Links. There is a wiki that allows members to post their blogs, websites, twitter, skype info, also. Check out Judy Baker’s blog at http://cccoer.wordpress.comand Melanie Reed posted her archives on Web 2.0 and 3.0 from her Nano Week blog in the wiki area.


History of Wikipedia http://courseware.hbs.edu/public/cases/wikipedia/Harvard Business School has posted a history of wikipedia, summarizing the key stages of development, as well as policies for managing the dialogue (the policy of handling “articles for deletion” is a great example of democratic action in chaotic public forums http://courseware.hbs.edu/public/cases/wikipedia/). – George Siemens at http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/
Also, Enterprise 2.0 Social Software – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_2.0

Webinars and Videos
George Siemens – Knowing Knowledge
Presented by SCoPE – http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/ – SCoPE brings together individuals who share an interest in educational research and practice
George Siemens’ webinars Knowing Knowledge using Elluminate.com – (copy and past URLs into browser)
Part I
Part II

One thought on “Week of June 22 – Web 2.0 Update

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